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2024/05: Xu Yi is appointed as the Copenhaver Fellow by UVA SEAS from 2024 to 2027.

2024/04: Shuman Sun received the ECE department research award, and Xu Yi received the ECE faculty research award. 

2024/03: Shuman Sun and Beichen Wang's OFD work is published in Nature. See the UVA news (link)!

2023/04: Congratulations to Beichen Wang! First ECE Ph.D. in our group!

2023/02: We received NSF CAREER award for generating large-scale cluster states on photonic chips.

2023/01: News video on our spin-off company QC82, quantum computing, and CHIPS Act (link).

2022/12: Congratulations to Zijiao Yang! First Ph.D. graduating from our group!


2022/10: Emily Parnell presented her qumode spectroscopy research at the FiO-LS conference. See UVA news release (link). 

2022/10: Our group is funded by the Department of Energy (DOE) to work on Quantum-enhanced sensing in the program "Quantum-Enabled Bioimaging and Sensing Approaches for Bioenergy." (UVA news link)

2022/05: Congratulations to Beichen Wang on receiving Eugene S. McVey Fellowship!

2022/05: Congratulations to Emily Parnell on receiving James S. Miller Award! (Link)

2022/04: Our group is leading an effort in the DARPA GRYPHON program (News link)

2021/10: Zijiao Yang & Mandana Jahanbozorgi's conference paper at FiO+LS is selected by the chair for press release (News link

2021/07: See UVA news on our effort in the DARPA LUMOS program (News link). 

2021/08: Zijiao Yang & Mandana Jahanbozorgi's paper on squeezed quantum microcomb is published in Nature Communications. See news release from UVA (link). 

2020/04: Our collaborative work with Peking University on deformed cavity optical frequency combs is published in Nature Communications. See news release from UVA (link).

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