Gallery of Research: Photonics Chip, and Astrocomb in Hawaii. 

Silicon Nitride photonics chips

Silicon Nitride ring resonators

W.M. Keck Observatory at 14,000 feet, Mauna Kea Summit, Hawaii

10 meter mirror of Keck II telescope

A 13,000 feet volcano

EOM comb system for exoplanet detection

Comb light on sky

EOM astrocomb team

Microresonator astrocomb team

Mauna Kea Summit, Hawaii

Gallery of adventures...

Glacier, frozen ocean, ski resort near Anchorage, Alaska

Aurora, Fairbanks, Alaska

Caught in sand storm, Death Valley, CA

Hiking upper Yosemite fall trail, CA

Photographing humming bird, Huntington Library, California.

Hummingbird, Huntington Library, CA

Grizzly bear encounter in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

Avalanche lake at Glacier National Park, Montana.

Squirrel in Glacier National Park, Montana.

Barred owl, Everglades National park, FL.

Burrowing Owl, Miami, Florida.

burrow owls at Miami

Osprey, Everglades National park, FL.

osprey fishing at Virginia

Bald Eagle, North Virginia.

bald eagles at Orlando
Anhinga fishing at Orlando