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2022-group photo-denoise.jpg

2022 Fall: from left to right: Mandana Jahanbozorgi, Beichen Wang, Xu Yi, Emily Parnell, Alison Lu, Ruxuan Liu, Shuman Sun, Haoran Chen, Zijiao Yang (Ph.D. 2022).

Xu Yi, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Courtesy Assistant Professor, Department of Physics 

Ph.D. California Institute of Technology, 2017.

B.S. Peking University, 2012.


Mandana Jahanbozorgi, Ph.D. Candidate, ECE.

Beichen Wang, Ph.D. Candidate, ECE.

Shuman Sun, Ph.D. Candidate, ECE.

Ruxuan Liu, graduate student, ECE.

Haoran Chen, graduate student, ECE.

Randa Elhertani, graduate student, ECE/Langley.

Emily Parnell, undergraduate researcher.

Alison Lu, undergraduate researcher.

Ethan Ermovick, undergraduate researcher. 

Ziang Jiao, undergraduate researcher.


Zijiao Yang, Ph.D. (09/2018-12/2022). 

Current position: research scientist at Applied Materials, CA.

Jamison Stevens, undergraduate researcher (08/2021-05/2022)

Current position: Caltech Ph.D. program. 

Charles Rushton, undergraduate researcher (09/2019-06/2020)

Xiaobao Zhang, visiting student from NUDT, China (10/2018-07/2020

Chen Yang, visiting student from Nankai, China (09/2019-12/2019)

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